KG Group's CSR Policy

"Through our core businesses, we fulfill three main responsibilities in our efforts to contribute to better lives for all"

--Our Three Main Responsibilities--

Our Customers

We strive to enrich the lives of our customers through our businesses and contribute to their rich and healthy lives by always venturing into businesses that provide value and enable their quality of lives.

Our Employees and Their Families

  • We are a job creator who respects the basic human rights and diversity of our employees.
  • We also encourage personal growth in an effort to better the lives of our employees and their families.


  • Through our sound management and business activity, we work hard to increase the value of the KG Group, and thereby contribute to social progress.
  • As a responsible member of society, all our actions comply with laws and regulations, as well with social morals and ethics.
  • Our business activity is eco-friendly and contributes to the sustainability of the environment.